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Causes of the Civil War

Life in the North and South 1847-1861: Before Brother Fought Brother

Factory vs. Plantation in the North and South

Causes of the Civil War

Build up of Tension leads to the civil war lesson plan

Critical Elements leading to the American Civil War lesson plan

Missouri Compromise of 1850

John Brown's Raid lesson plan

Uncle Tom's Cabin lesson plan

Brink of the Storm Presentations in PowerPoint format

Mr. Donn's Lesson Idea, Problem Solving, Discussion or Debate (8th-grade): Up to a certain point, the Civil War could have been avoided. After that point, war was predictable. Determine where that point might have been and why. (There is no right answer to this question.)

The Civil War

American Civil War, War Between the States, War of Northern Aggression, Free Lesson Plans & Units

A Nation Divided Unit & Support Materials

Abraham Lincoln, lesson plans

Unit, 5 lessons, Life in the South before the Civil War

Grade 8 Model Lessons - War Between the States

Heroes of the Civil War Era

Marching into the Civil War Times Little Women Past and Present

A Not So Civil War

Through a Lens The Pictorial Story of the Civil War

Civil War Causes Conflicts Consequences

Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad

Slavery Unit

How did slavery impact our nation (unit)

Frederick Douglass lesson plans

War Between the States (unit)

Civil War Adventures (lesson)

A View From Me (Civil War Stories, Mississippi teachers)

Calendar Creations about the Civil War (lesson)

Death and the Civil War (science lesson)

Primary Documents, Real Letters Written During the Civil War (Donn)

Civil War

Mock Trial: Abraham Lincoln

Civil War Fill-ins Activity (print out)

Civil War Word Search (print out)

A Civil War Diary (print out - pretend you're a fifth grader in the Civil War)

Problems of African Americans in the South
using pamphlets and other materials (online), most of which were written by African American authors about pressing issues of the day.

American Civil War Songs

When Johnny Comes Marching Home

Free Presentations in PowerPoint format about the Civil War

Civil War Coloring Book pdf

Civil War Crossword Puzzles

See: Reconstruction, Carpetbaggers & Scalawags Lesson Plans & Units, The Underground Railroad, Civil War, Overviews, American History Index

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Special Section: The Civil War for Kids - Causes, Battles, People, Daily Life, Underground Railroad, Slavery in America, and Reconstruction

Civil War for Kids Free Interactive Games & Activities

Free Use Civil War Clipart for Kids and Teachers

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Civil War Presentations in PowerPoint format

Civil War Video Clips

The Civil War, US History, Free iPad & iPhone apps