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The Civil War
June 1862, Eye Witness Accounts
This letter was written by J.J. White

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Camp Harmon, Nashville, Tenn.
June 26th, 1862

Dear Brother, Sister, and Family,

This rainy day I embrace the opportunity of writing in answer to your kind favor of the 4th inst. which I rec in due time. I would have answered it ere this but for circumstances beyond my control. I was truly glad to hear from you, for I bgan to fear you had entirely forgotten me. Glad to know Florence is progressing so rapidly in her studies. We drew our pay or two months of it last Sunday a weeke. I only drew one months comission pay. I owed some sixty dollars and paid it. Consequently I can't possibly loan you more than twenty five dollars but if that will do you any good please let me know immediately upon receipt of this and whether I had better send it by mail or expregs. I think I had better expregs it. I shall require ten per cent interest (in a note) payable after harvest. I expect possibly I will get to come home some time in the fall and then I shall want to use it.

We have had a great deal of rain here in the last forty eight hours. I just came in from Picket yesterday morning. I was out one day and during the 24 hours it rained continually and has been raining since. Old Bragg has moved but we don't know where to. Rosey is after him with most of his army. Sheridans Division had a heavy fight with the rebs near Shelbyville day before yesterday and drove them back with considerable slaughter. I seen Moses yesterday a weeke at Murfreesboro - had four hours talk with him. He is well. I expect his devision has moved with the army. We have been guarding R. R. trains to Murfreesboro every since last winter every few days consequently I seen Moses every few days, but I may never see him now at least for a long time. Such is the fate of war. God grant we may meet again. Parting with an only brother who is a soldier and myself one both subject to the casualities of war, is unlike any other parting. For the last four weeks I have been detailed to play Lieut. in Co. F, it having but one Lieut. and he is detached to the Pioneer Corps.

In closing allow me to ask why you don't write oftener. The children, the girls could write. Your long silence began to make me fear something was wrong. My love to all please write soon.

I remain your aff. brother

J.J. White

write to Lt. J.J. White
Co F 125 __________
Nashville, Tenn.

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