American Civil War Lesson Plans for Elementary, Middle School, and High School Teachers Illustration

American Civil War Lesson Plans for Elementary, Middle School, and High School Teachers

Lesson Idea from Mr. Donn: Problem Solving, Discussion or Debate (Middle School, 8th-grade): Up to a certain point, the Civil War could have been avoided. After that point, war was predictable. Determine where that point might have been and why.  

Lesson Idea from Mrs. Donn: Cause and Effect, Following Mr Donn's Discussion or Debate lesson plan: Print out or use the white board to display the cause and effect chart below. Discuss with your class these four causes and effects of the sectional conflict between North and South that led up to the Civil War. Divide your class into group teams. Each team will determine a maximum of four additional cause and effects; be prepared to justify your selections. This is a classroom challenge. Each additional cause and effect is worth 25 points - the team with the best score wins. Remember - your choices can be challenged. If you cannot justify, your points for that challenge may pass to another team. If you win the challenge, points are taken from the other team and added to your points. Prize for best team score: One bumped homework grade or a retake test or quiz. This is a big prize! Get ready to earn it. If teams are tied, both teams win. (I try my best to work this out so that all teams win. Kids have a choice - they can retake a test or quiz in hopes of a better grade, or their lowest homework assignment grade during that grading period will be increase by one grade.) For other cause and effects, see Causes
Kansas-Nebraska Act Republican Party forms
Slavery as a political issue Democratic Party divides
Lincoln elected Southern states secede
Confederacy forms Civil War

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These are great lesson plans from the Library of Congress, with photos and instructions for teachers and students.

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Problems of African Americans in the South
using pamphlets and other materials (online), most of which were written by African American authors about pressing issues of the day.

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